German Language Courses Offered by the University of Salzburg

For those wishing to take part in a German language course offered by the University of Salzburg, the following options are listed here:

German Intensive Courses for ERASMUS and Exchange students

The University of Salzburg Department of German offers intensive language courses in German for incoming ERASMUS and exchange students from February 17th to 28th, 2020. The aim of the course is both to improve the participants' language competence of German and help the participants to handle everyday situations in Austria. Contribution to costs: € 40.00 per course. 

The course starts on the same day with the Orientation Period offered by the International Relations Office. Course hours are synchronized with the Orientation program. Taking part in both, German language course and Orientation, is possible!

More information on course contents, cours hours, fees and application are available here:

Information about German Intensive Language Courses

If more support requested, contact: beate(at) (basic course) and Elke Renner (advanced course).

Send your registration email to: elke.renner(at)

German Language Courses offered by other Institutions

A number of institutions in the City of Salzburg offer German language courses.